Carrie Paz was born in northeastern North Carolina, where the grass is always green but the blues are at your heels. Solid ground is scarce, so she dug her roots deep into those muddy waters and eventually blossomed into folk music with a touch of the Carolina blues. Having since lived in Nashville and Chicago, and roamed from Paris to Singapore, she has now found a home in Greensboro, NC, where she writes and performs regularly at local venues and events.

Pazdziora's music is mostly sensitive folk with a gentle acoustic guitar, more plucked than strummed, and her pure and clear voice climbing high in places, and doubled up in dusky harmonies elsewhere. The songs tend to use imagery from nature - stars, ocean, sand, wind - to sketch out sentiments of wonder at the cosmos sand our place in it, but beyond that they're also about love and unity... (She) manages to take something that's seemingly slight and find surprising weight to it."
(John Adamian, YES! Weekly)


Photography by Justin Morgan