It's difficult to know just what to say about this song.  I watched Cyndi Lauper's video at least a couple dozen times when I first started working on it, and some words that come to mind in retrospect are: quirky, hilarious, joyful, TUBULAR.  When I first heard Justin's arrangement of it, I was blown away by the depth of what I'd initially thought of as a bubble-gum-pop song.  The song itself is fun, of course, but that second verse... It grabbed my soul.  So I stole it and ran with it, and it's been one of my favorite pieces to perform ever since.

The song also caught the heart of a dear friend of mine. If anyone lived the joy "Girls" conveys, it was Lisa.  Her life was a light, and I believe it still is, even though her physical presence is no longer with us.  I felt that light shining so warmly and brightly on me when I found out that she wanted this song performed at her "Celebration of Life" service last month, one of the most bittersweet honors of my life. So: Thank you, Lisa.  I hope the song continues to remind us to do as you did: to love completely, to pursue peace fearlessly, and -- why not? -- to have fun!

"Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" was written by Robert Hazard.  Arrangement by Justin J. Morgan.

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