What do you think of when you hear the words "Southern Moon"?  For me, it's summer evenings, crickets chirping, fireflies just starting to glow.  It's the sleepy sun, trying his best to spill his rays over the horizon just a little bit longer, but seeing his nighttime counterpart across the way, he bows to her and goes to bed.  It's her time.  She'll oversee the warm night's doings with a bright eye and a knowing gaze.  She spies on the star-crossed lovers' "one last kiss."  She feels the breezy little clouds moving calmly through southern skies.  She hears the music of night owls with all their hootin' and hollerin', guitars jamming and mandolins doodling, dobros twanging and basses booming.  This is Southern Moon, and she likes what she hears.

Photography and artwork by Kaitlin Williard.


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