One of my determinations going into 2015 was to perform more.  A lot more.  And by that I mean not just for my cat.  (Let's just say she's kinda over me.)  As it happened, around New Years I fell in with a friendly folk band who poured me a glass of pinot noir and handed me a microphone.  Needless to say, I stuck around and now enjoy every Sunday afternoon winding down the weekend with new friends and really great rootsy-bluesy-grassy music.  It's been a great experience just getting to know these folks and learning so much from them musically, and now I'm happy to announce we're "going out!"  I'll be playing with Southern Moon on March 26 and April 18 at High Point's J.H. Adam's Inn.  And the next stop?  Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival! Yes sir, we're heading for the hills, and I do hope to see some of your friendly faces out there, since my cat will not be able to attend.

(See more details at Around Town.)