Well, I've gone and done it.  A couple weeks ago at a Southern Moon rehearsal, I picked up the washboard (pronounced: warsh-bored) just for fun.  Yep, that thing your great-grammie used to spiff up her dainties... Well, now I've gone and gotten so good at it, I've been promoted in the band from Beginning Shaker to Washboard Wonder, and my greatest disappointment in all this is that I no longer have any excuse for putting off my laundry.  

I know you'd all like to witness this amazing new talent, and lucky you, this Friday evening is your (perhaps one and only) chance! I'll be warshing things up on the Front Porch Stage at Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival in Pittsboro, NC, with Southern Moon.  We'll be playing from 8:30-9:30 Friday night, but if you can't make it out then, the very next night we'll be cleaning up (a bit) and playing at the loverly J.H. Adam's Inn in High Point, NC, from 7-10pm.  I'm not sure whether the Washboard Wonder will be making an appearance Saturday night, but something tells me that if not, it'll be because I've gone and taken up the spoons instead... Which will bring its own set of disappointments in that I may be expected to stir up some supper...  (At what point can I take up the jug and simply be expected to drink moonshine?)

Hope to see y'all Friday and/or Saturday night!  Check out Around Town for more info on these and other gig dates...