It's hard to describe what this song means to me.  It was born of a beautiful moment that gave way to a very painful epoch, preceding an event that I could not have possibly foreseen at the time.  Despite its scarred history, it remains one of my favorite pieces.  For this song was a prophecy. It's almost as if it were sung over me, its words and harmonies unknown to my listening ears, giving me the freedom to let something go that -- like the song -- was both beautiful and painful.  

The stars will always be this big, beautiful, painful image for me.  Did you know, if you were unhindered by manmade light -- if you lay in the bleakest desert in the deepest depth of night -- that your eyes alone, without the help of a telescope, would have before them the view of ten thousand stars?  That number astounds, amazes, sometimes petrifies me.  The unknown can be alarming.  But oh, how beautiful.  So, which one are you wishing on tonight?

Hear Ten Thousand Stars here.