Remember that auburn-haired little girl whose wedding I had the honor of writing and performing my song, Dive Down Deep, for?  Well, the new(ish)lyweds have some news… A BEACH BABE!  Since I’ve decided to dedicate myself to producing the soundtrack of Jamie and Taylor's lives, I really could not stop myself from writing a new song for the lil’ stinker.  And now I think I have a new favorite genre: the lullaby.  Here’s lookin’ at you, kiddo.

Little fingers, little toes.  Little mouth and little nose...
Little do I even know.
When you cry, oh, when you frown, the whole sky comes tumbling down,
Yet how beautiful the sound.

I love you... I love you.

Your little heart holds bigger hope than the world has ever known,
And in my arms I hold my own. 
Oh, how I love you.


Words and Music  © 2016 Carrie Pazdziora
Produced by Justin J. Morgan